12 May 2013

Best Study Tips!

Finals week! AH! Here are some tips that I have compiled to aid you!

1. Start studying ahead of time, and if you can't do that or forgot to take short study breaks. Go on Twitter and Facebook or even Pinterest for five minutes. 
2. Keep your phone out, but on silent so that you can check your messages, but wait until you take your break to text back!
3. Make a list of everything you need to study, and cross each item off as you review them
4. Use notecards to summarize not to review. That way if you are able to summarize the concept, you know that you can cross it off your list. Also they are a lot more portable!
5. Schedule study time like you would work.
6. Remember to talk to people! You won't feel as tired if you socialize a little bit!
7. Find a couple of your favorite study spots and move around between them! You have a change of scenery, you move around to keep you awake and you have time to grab a snack!
8. Review your notes quickly before bedtime and after. Studies show that you remember the most at night right before you sleep. Also, your brain has the most short-term memory storage in the morning to turn into long-term storage. 
9. Most importantly SLEEP. You won't be able to remember everything that you've studied if you are sleep deprived!

Good Luck on exams, and if you've already survived them good for you!



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