29 May 2013

Summer Goals and Projects!

At the end of the week, my summer vacation is over! I have two weeks of working about ten hours, then forty hours a week! 
Even though I am interning, working at the box office and bar tending, I have quite a few projects I want to work on. 

1. Eat Clean(er): I had a hectic second semester, and my eating habits definitely suffered. But with the fresh summer fruit and vegetables I should be able to eat healthier. 
2.Start walking my dog: I hope to start walking my dog at least once a day, maybe twice. It gives me a great incentive to work out, because my year old puppy is going to be a lot more calm!
3. Design my apartment with my roommates: I am excited to be able to start designing, buying and crafting things for my apartment! I plan on painting letters for ZOT and initials for my roommates and myself.
4. Create a budget (and stick to it): I normally know what I have to pay that month, put some in savings and then try to spend wisely. But now I have some adult expenses that I need to allow for, so I want to create a budget for each month this summer and see how it works for me!

What are your summer projects?
I hope to be posting finished photos of all of my craft projects! (Even the botched ones)


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  1. I Love summer projects! I'm also interning we college girls are so busy- anyways my goals are to walk my dog, craft things for my dorm next year, thrift shop, and sleep on a schedule!