28 June 2013

Closet Series: Summer finds and wishlist

So I went on a small shopping spree two weeks ago, and I still haven't told you what I've bought for my internship!

I would give pictures, but there's a lot of clothes! I'll list and make sure I will add sites I got things on. 
Have: I got a lot of really cute things from Gap and Old Navy . The khakis I have in khaki, olive and navy. I wear them multiple times and various ways. At the end of the post I have some examples of what I've paired them with. The maxi dress is perfect for my office which is chilly.  The blue and white shorts are super cute, and my go to for summer nights. I also picked up some super cute shirts from the clearance at Loft and Gap. 
Want: This Marley Lilly Bracelet is perfect for summer. I am not really into arm candy, but since wearing a watch for work, I've got used to it!. This purple dress from Hope's is beyond perfect, and would look great with my pearls:) These Sperry's have been on my radar for awhile. I am going to buy them eventually! 

What have you added to your closet?
What's your favorite place to shop sales?


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