12 June 2013

Dorm Room Advice: Summer Dorm Shopping

This post is sponsored by Residence Hall Linens, but the ideas, room, and opinions are my own.
You've graduated, and now I bet all you can think about is where to start buying for your dorm room!
Here is some advice from what I have learned this past year!

Start with basic colors: I love the color purple, but needed other colors to compliment it with. While I was shopping for purple sheets at Residence Hall Linens I found the perfect comforter. It was black and white, as well as classy. I knew that was the feel I wanted my room to have. 
My dorm room when I first moved in! 

 Accessories: Now that I had my basic comforter and sheets picked out, I had to get body and hand towels along with washcloths. I picked out purple ones, and ended up getting a value pack from RHL that provided me with two sets of sheets, a comforter,  a pillow, two sets of a towels, and a bed side buddy for my glasses. I recommend it!
Storage:I can not preach storage enough! I got purple cloth cubes that I kept dishes and food in. I also accumulated multiple boxes that I could keep random things in my closet in. They were a life saver. I didn't realize how much stuff I would have, and how hard it would be to store all of it. This year I will be buying more cubes for my room!

Closet: I have a lot more clothes than I thought, and my dresser at school was not big enough for the clothes I normally fold! I started to hang a lot more clothes than I would at home, which is why I recommend buying an extra package more of hangers than you think you need. You may also be storing your shoes in your closet, and if you have any where the number of shoes I do, it can be a challenge! Stay tuned for what I come up with for my dorm room this year!

My desk! 
I am definitely avoiding all of this clutter next year!
I hope to be adding some more decorative elements to my dorm, since I don't have to buy the essentials this year! I think a fleece blanket from RHL would be perfect for curling up on the coach and watching PLL with my roommates.
Look back for my new dorm ideas!

I hope this helps with storage and decor! Is there anything you would like to see otherwise?

Happy Tuesday!

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