26 November 2013


I have been at a loss for inspiration lately. I know everyone does gift guides, but I feel like I'm just doing what every other blogger is.

The College Prepster had this awesome vlog about blogging because you love to blog. I love to blog, but I'm always worried about sponsorships and page views. My new blogging goal is to stop worrying and just blog. Hopefully it will go better.

But really, here is what has been catching my eye lately. Check out my Pinterest for more

{1} Catching Fire? Yes please! I'll be seeing that tomorrow with MB and friends! (He made me wait)
{2} I just created a menswear board, and I love this board.
{3} A fur vest is on my list for sure! It's a versatile piece. 
{4} Madrid, Spain. I can't wait to be back, and the cool thing is I've been to that very spot!
{5} Desk Inspiration: I love desks so much I have a separate board. No shame.
{6} Mittens & Coat: It's that time of year again in the Frozen Tundra. I don't leave without my mittens
{7} Shoes, Shoes & More Shoes.
{8} A plaid/tartan scarf would make my Christmas. (hint hint friends, family & MB)
{9} Long distance isn't so fun when its this cold out!
{10} Audrey. Enough said. 

What inspires you?
Is there any more things you'd like to see from me?



  1. Just blog for you- I know it's easier said than done but I promise it's so much more worth it if you just blog to make yourself happy!

    1. Thank you for the advice, I'm trying to forget about the rest!