16 June 2014

Family Reunions

My family is on a 3 year reunion cycle. For two years each summer we have one or two family reunions, and then we have a summer "off". To say that I know how to make family reunions successful would be an understatement.

1// Don't be afraid to talk to other members: At one of my family reunions, there are people who are my fifth cousins. Going up and talking to other members whom you don't know can really make you appreciate where you come from

2// Come with questions: If you get nervous around people, and don't know what to talk about. I ask where they went to college, if they have any kids, where they work, and if they've traveled.

3// Older people have the best stories. Some of my favorite people to talk to at family reunions are the members of the older generation. Their stories and hardships have translated into real life lessons. It makes me appreciate where I've come from.

4// Take time for yourself. Most of my family reunions are three to four days. This means that I definitely need some time to myself. I normally go for a walk in between activities, or get up a little earlier to read.

5// Have a good attitude. I know as young adults we can get really annoyed with being dragged around to all of these family reunions and miss out on summer activities with our friends. But I think that if you try and have a good attitude, you'll realize it's a blessing to be able to meet people that you will forever to be connected to.

Do you attend family reunions? Where have you been?

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