23 June 2014

Staying Motivated During Summer

Even for a type A person like myself summer can be a black hole of productivity. I have a summer class and obligations other than blogging and my internship which I have to keep track of. Even thought the past month hasn't been the most productive, I have a couple of tricks for staying motivated this summer.

Continue to Use Your Planner:  My agenda has been a little neglected lately, but now that my summer class has started I plan on using it more. If your planner is your life (like me) start using it again. My planner keeps me motivated. (PS Have you ordered your Lilly Pulitzer agenda yet? This is the one that I got!)

Use a ToDo App: If you don't feel like you have enough to use your planner, use a Todo App! I use Wunderlist when I have a week of things I may not have to get done all in one day. Make sure to schedule reminders though!

Schedule Time ToDo Work:  Each week I take a night off from friends and try and do all of my work that night. Sometimes it's even Sunday afternoons. This way I can still have fun without worrying about everything I have to get done.Scheduling a night to do work also takes away the temptation to make plans with MB or my girlfriends.

Make Tasks Fun: Some of the paperwork I have to do isn't very fun, so I've been watching my favorite movies or TV shows during the paperwork! If you're crafting invite a friend over to help!

Reward yourself: After a night of work, I like to cuddle up with Pinterest, ice cream and a recorded TV show!

Find/Make a Place to Work: At home I don't really have a "work space". I tend to go to my favorite coffee shop and work for a couple of hours, or set myself up in the dining room away from distractions!

What do you do to stay motivated during the summer? Any favorite apps? What Lilly planner did you want to order?


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