22 September 2014

Mid-Term Test Tips

I can't believe it's mid-term time already! Here are my test tips, everything from what to wear studying, to snacks to when to start!

What to Wear Studying:
Don't get me wrong, I am all for super comfy clothes, but I have to wear something that I wouldn't want to fall asleep in. It usually means jeans and a sorority tee with some sort of sweatshirt, or leggings with a chambray shirt and rain boots.

A seriously underrated part of studying, here are some snacks that won't make you bloated, give you a sugar crash and taste good.

-Apples & peanut butter
-Almonds, cranberries and sunflower sends
-Cucumber & dressing
-Crackers and cheese

When to Start:
Start studying a week before each test, or a week and a half depending on how difficult the material is. If it means only reviewing your notes for twenty minutes, or working on your study guide for a short period of time each night. (not including weekends unless your test is on a Monday)

What to Do
Create a study guide for your self
If your professor doesn't already have one, or has a very limited study guide create one for yourself.

Calendar of topics 
This doesn't have to be anything fancy, maybe just written on a sheet of scratch paper or outlined in your head (but you really should write it down).

Study for 45 minutes, take a 15 minutes break. 
This can include checking social media, calling a friend for a quick chat, making a snack, a run to Starbucks, a quick workout or watching part of your favorite show!

Study with a group:
Study with people who have different strengths in the class from you.  This way you have some one to bounce questions off of, and they do as well. Make sure that this group can actually focus, otherwise you're just wasting your time!

Night Before/Day Of
Night Before.
Go to bed at a reasonable time, and make sure to have everything you'll need for the test either packed or in a packable position.

Review the material right before you go to bed for 20 minutes. Do this right after you get ready for bed so you have a little break!

Day of
Eat something and drink some water along with that caffeinated drink. Your stomach won't be grumbling and your mouth won't be dry this way, and you can focus on the test!

Get up 15-30 minutes early to review the material one last time.

Arrive a little early to ask any last minute questions of your TA or professor.

What do you do to prepare for mid-terms? I know they are a little harder to study for because you still have events, extra-curriculars and a job/internship to worry about!


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  1. This is a great guide! Much better than the one that I have scheduled for tomorrow haha!