12 February 2015

Study Tips: Reading

This semester I have so much reading. It's really only for the first half of the semester, but it's still a lot. I've had to come up with a way to quickly read yet get a good grasp of the material. My professors go over the material in class, but we are expected to be able to participate. Here are some of my tips for when you have to read a lot of material for class!

Use Post-it Notes// In my communication law class our textbook cites Supreme Court cases that I like to use Post-It notes to write down the name and the reason it's a ground breaking case. For other classes I write down tips or tricks that I think will be helpful in my group project or paper. I then put them all on a piece of paper in my binder and label at the top which chapter they're from.

Highlight// On my Kindle App on my iPad, I have a couple of textbooks that were cheaper to rent as an e-book. I can read them pretty much anywhere, and I highlight and bookmark important passages. I use notecards to write down important steps and strategies from my books.

Notes// I don't like taking notes while reading because I'm too impatient (#badstudyhabits) However on of my professors is difficult, and I normally take notes in order to add to them during class. I take my notes in black pen and add to them with a different color, normally purple.

Look for bolded terms// Most authors will bold terms or phrases that are particularly important in that chapter. I take note of them and will review for the test in order to be the most prepared that I can be!

How do you get through a lot of reading?


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