13 April 2015

Finals Tips

Dare I say it? It's time once again for finals. The spring semester can be especially brutal because it's starting to get nice out and harder to concentrate.

Here are my best tips for staying focused and acing your exams.

Eat Healthy & Schedule Exercises// Eating healthy and exercising will actually keep your energy up, and help you stay alert during study sessions, group meetings and your actual test.

Have a Daily Schedule// This may seem weird, but map out your day. Don't over schedule yourself, but give yourself time blocks to study and complete group work.

Work 45 minutes, take a 15 minute break//  This is the easiest way to study for hours and not have your neuro pathways fried. A break could be painting your nails, socializing with a friend, or watching one of your favorite Youtube videos!

Switch Up Locations//  Don't just sit at your favorite table at the library! Go to a little coffee shop, or study outside. It can actually help you concentrate.

Have a Study Kit// When you go to study, bring all your books and notes for your scheduled study time. Also have on hand: flashcards, highlighters, different colored pens, extra paper, and extra pencils. Make sure to also have snacks, water, and money for coffee!

Good luck with your exams! What are your favorite study tips?


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