21 June 2015

Lessons From Dad

My dad is my best friend. He's my first call in an emergency (3 car emergencies later....) and my favorite person to hug after being away from home too long. Last year I shared 5 Lessons My Dad Taught Me, and this year I have some more!

The man who gave me my love of history!

Family Is Everything: I've been blessed with a great, supportive family. However family disagrees, and my dad has taught me that you only get one. My cousins are some of my favorite people to hang out with, and I keep in contact with all four of my grandparents. My aunt/godmother is one of my role models/favorite people. I wouldn't have continued these relationships if my dad hadn't demonstrated how important family is to me. He's also showed me that family isn't always blood, but people who love you and your family.

Heritage is Important: This is really similar to family is everything, but also a lesson that probably wasn't taught easily. We have two family reunions that we attend regularly, and just started attending a new one. My dad has taught us that even thought we may not want to, we should really get to know our distant relatives. The stories and history of our families is really interesting, and it's important to know where you came from. It gives you a ground to build your life on.

Education is Important: My dad has always pushed education. He's always been the one to push us to achieve our best grades, and told us when we aren't doing our hardest. Having him push us to our best has been annoying at times when all we wanted to do was slack off. But I wouldn't be where I am today without my dad pushing me and instilling in me the importance of education.

You Have to do What Makes You Happy: Even at 21, I still tend to seek my parents' approval on a lot of big life decisions. During one of these conversations, he asked me if I would still do it even without him and my mom's approval. I was taken aback, but I realize that he was trying to make sure that I was making the right decision for me. My parents are incredibly supportive, but I'm sure they haven't understood every one of my decisions. Thankfully my dad has let me know that I just have to do what makes me happy, and people who love me will understand.

I'm incredibly proud and grateful to be the daughter of such a great man. Thank you dad for everything you've taught me, I know that the next 21 years will bring even more wisdom.

"Dad I know you've loved me as long as I've lived; but I've loved you my whole life"


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