15 July 2015

Day in the Life: Summer

I've never done a post like this before, but I thought it would be fun to show you what I do during the day! This is my typical non-second job day!

6:15 Wake up & Work Out
I've been getting up this early to do some yoga and my Nike Training Club challenge. It's a struggle, but it makes the rest of my day better

6:45 Shower, hair & make-up
It takes about 30-35 minutes for the entire process. I put moisturizer on, blow dry my hair, apply my make-up then straighten my hair. It's definitely down to a science at this point.

7:20 Get Dressed, eat breakfast & prep
Since I'm interning this summer, my wardrobe is pretty simple. I have my go to outfits so getting dressed is easy! I then start my two eggs for breakfast that I eat at home. Once those start cooking, I prep my second breakfast: homemade granola, greek yogurt and peaches! I sit down to eat and normally read the Skimm!

7:45 Leave for Work 
I have to be to work by 8:00, but always try to be at least 5 minutes early. Work is 5 minutes away, but between getting out the door and the stoplights I have to go through, I really need the 15 minutes!

8:00 Check email & review to-do list
Unless I come into the office with a huge project or meeting right away, I sit down to check my email and the to-do list I made before I left for the day.

8:15 Start tasks
One of the reasons I love public relations is because it's different everyday. There are tasks that I have to complete routinely, but not everyday is the same! My day can be full of meetings or just working by myself.

10:00 Second breakfast
I eat my greek yogurt, granola and peaches while taking a little social media break. It's the perfect combo of protein and sweetness! After I'm done eating I get back to work for the last couple of hours

1:00 Leave work & go home
I don't have a full time internship, so I'm actually working at Old Navy and at the school library. I end at one so that I can go to the other jobs!

1:15 Eat lunch & catch up on emails
Honestly, lunch is normally leftovers and I'm not really paying attention since I'm working on blog, work and sorority stuff.

2:30 Workout  
This can mean a lot of things. Depending on the day or if I worked out in the morning I'll go for a run, weight lift then do some yoga. I love summer because it means I can fit in longer workouts!

4:00 Reading, blogging or Lynda.com classes!
It really depends on what I have to get done, but these three things tend to take up the rest of my afternoon. I normally have to go run errands or something else but sometimes I get to relax!

6:00 Dinner & Roomie
I normally start thinking about dinner, and hang out with my roommate. It's rare that we're home on the same night together, so this is nice!

7:00 Netflix, work & chores
After dinner I'll do the dishes, finish something up or just watch netflix!

9:00 Get read for bed & call MB 
I call MB around 9 my time or 10 his. I'll get ready for bed, make my lunch, and tidy up my room while on the phone. We don't talk every night, but about 5/7 nights a week!

10:00 Bedtime
I double check my alarm, then shut off my light and fall asleep! If I can't right away, I read some notes from my family and MB in my night stand or Promises for a Jesus Freak. They normally help me sleep better!

Do you have a normal day?



  1. Wow! I definitely wish I could wake up that early. My alarm clock is set for 9:00, but I usually don't wake up.

    Mikayla | A Seersucker State of Mind.

  2. Gosh, I wish I was this productive! And I'm eager to try yoga soon. Great post!

    Alexis @ alexis-reliford.com

  3. I love Day in the Life posts! I also read The Skimm every morning. Isn't it great? I really liked learning more about your day. I should check out Lynda.com!

  4. I love these types of posts and have been contemplating doing one myself, but mine would be so boring! I don't read The Skimm but everyone talks about it so much that maybe I should start reading it!

    Southern Belle Secrets

  5. I always think it is fun to read "day in the life" posts. Way to go working out twice a day, I'm akways so proud when I can get myself to workout once (:
    I also love The Skimm, it makes it so easy to stay in the know!

  6. I love these "Day in the Life" posts! It's so fun seeing what other people do day to day. I'm so impressed that you work out twice!

  7. I wish I could stay on track. Every time I say I'm going to do something at a certain time I procrastinate so much. I admire how you wake up and work out and get your day started. I take a spin class three times a week and afterwards I go home and crash. smh!

    xoxo, Danielle

  8. I should probably make one of these someday.
    I enjoy reading these types of posts so maybe my readers will as well.
    I definitely love my to-do list and keeping on schedule though.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  9. If I make one of these, my life will seem really sad and SO routine... this kind of makes me put everything into perspective and I'm thinking maybe I should change it up from time to time!

    The Fashionista's Diary

  10. Second breakfast is always my favorite part of the day!

    Pick Your Beau

  11. You are ambitious getting up that early! So impressed!

    xo Ashley

  12. I need to get your two-a-day workout tip! haha definitely worth it in the summer.

    xo // www.thematerialgirl.co

  13. Your days sound so fun and full! I love these kind of posts! Also my go to breakfast is strawberries, granola, and yogurt but I LOVE the idea of using peaches!

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner

  14. This kind of post makes my Type-A brain VERY happy. I remember growing up my mom would make me a list like this to keep me on track in the morning and I even plan out my days like this today! I love these kinds of posts!

    xx. Brittany | Southern Soul

  15. I loved learning a little bit more about your daily routine! I just signed up for The Skimm this week! I feel like I'm late to the party. Haha

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  16. How funny-- we have virtually identical schedules! Cheers to being able to manage a crazy work-play balance life! :)

    Diary of a Debutante

  17. I wish I had your schedule!!! Oh how is love to workout at 2:30 and be done...I've been gymming at 6 am every morning before my internship, and it's killer! #perpetuallyexhausted

    Coming Up Roses

  18. I struggle with getting up early to workout! I usually lay in bed until about 10 minutes before I have to be out of the door!

  19. Most of my days are actually pretty typical days where I spend most of my work days behind a desk *sigh* but weekends are a whole other thing!