16 September 2015

How to Support You're Go-Getter Friend

We all have that one friend who knows what she wants, and goes for it. The girl who's schedule is always packed, and never seems to have enough time in the day. But she's the girl who is able to be there for you and complete everything no matter what.

As one of those girls, let me tell you it can be exhausting. While many exude confidence, it can be overwhelming and stressful. The judgement we perceive sometimes for not being the care-free college student who has nothing figured out can be discouraging. Here are some ways to care for your friend, who seems to have it all together and is a go-getter.

1. Tell her what she's doing well and you appreciate her: While she may seem confident, it's nice to know that others see what she's doing and appreciate it. Whether it's inspiring you on your own path, or getting things done for a cause she's passionate about, let her know you notice!

2.Plan a night out: The go-getter is generally the girl organizing your friends for a fun night out, so give her a break and plan a night out for her! Everyone needs to blow off steam, and this could be a fun way for her to relax!

3. Listen: Take some time and listen to her problems. While you might not be ready to pick a place to live, or be worrying about award applications, she is. Let her vent to you, and listen when she seems a little anxious. Don't tell her it will all work out, just let her know she's doing her best and you can see that!

4. Leave a little surprise for her on a big day: If she has an interview, a hard test, a big presentation or an important event, leave her something nice. It could be a candy bar, a little note, or a cup of coffee. Just let her know you're thinking of her!

5. Don't compare: One of the worst things you can do is compare the two of you. While you might feel inadequate compared to her (don't everyone has their own paths), she may have a nagging feeling that she's doing it wrong as well. We all second guess ourselves, so try and support her!

The go-getter girl is just making her way through the world the only way she knows how, just like you are!

Are you a go-getter girl or the friend of one? How do you support your friends?


  1. Love love this! So great!

  2. Love this! I'm one of those girls and in fact, most of my friends are. I love giving my girlfriends little gifts on a big day. Sometimes even a simple text will do as well!

  3. This is so cute!
    I'd say I'm the go-getter and a lot of my close friends are as well.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  4. I am both the go-getter and the friend! Love all these sweet acts!

    Mikayla | A Seersucker State of Mind.

  5. I thnk it's so important to show your friends that you appreciate them and it's also so good to always have someone to talk to and listen to! Love these tips

    Felice Raina // The Kiss Of Joy xoxo

  6. Definitely one of those people and generally I'm friends with similar people. And I've also totally had friends who did not understand/support me. Thanks for these tips. I love it....we are all figuring things out in our own way.

    My Pop of Color

  7. My really good friend is that type of friend and I use some of these tips with her!

    The Fashionista's Diary

  8. YES! My bestie is this to a T and I try my best to support her always!

    Nicole // Chronicling Home

  9. I'm definitely this person too! Can I forward this to my best friends or is that too obvious? ;)

  10. I always want to be the best friend I can be, thanks for sharing the best ways to support a friend like this!

  11. I think it was mutual between my friends and I! We are all over achievers. Telling somebody that you appreciate their hard work goes a really long way - and it's the simplest thing! Love these ideas :)

    Alessandra | blog.pumpup.com

  12. It definitely is important to have friends who support you and your goals :) I think this list is a really great reminder that everybody around us is working hard and that everybody could use a friend who would understand that!

    Jadore l Jadoregrace

  13. Love this post!! Most of my friend group is comprised of over-achievers and it is so easy to fall into the comparison game!

    Carley @ preppylane.blogspot.com

  14. I love this! It's so important to support your besties in all of their endeavors!

    xo Ashley

  15. This is such a lovely post. I have a friend that is always always busy and she's always got something new and exciting happening so if I get chance I always drop off a few sweet treats at her flat or meet her for a cup of coffee on her lunch break. You just do what you can for your friends!

  16. I feel like I'm totally the go-getter friend in my circle group and I would LOVE it if my friends did this for me!! Loved this post!

    xo, Alicia | Alicia Tenise

  17. This is fantastic! I love all of your tips. Especially not comparing each other!

  18. This is such a wonderful post! I have always been "that friend," and I agree with all of these tips. I'm so blessed to have friends who constantly encourage me and celebrate with me!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  19. Honestly, I am that go-getter friend and all of your tips are SO accurate. My best friends know how to deal with me when I am close to breaking down or feel like I can take on 50 more things when maybe 1 or 2 is fine.
    xx, Southwestern Prepster

  20. Awesome tips! Your go-getter friends need just as much support and love as anyone else...we gotta spread it all around!

    Coming Up Roses