10 March 2013

Sunday Six March 10th!

Oh my gosh I can't believe that this is the week MB and I leave for Germany!
I have to be mentally present until 11:30 Wednesday morning, then I'll physically be in class...
1. Travel Journal: I have a travel journal! But I wouldn't mind having this one instead. These are perfect because of everything that happens during your trip it blurs together. I highly recommend a travel journal.
2. If we were meeting some place warm: Of course the weather is going to be the same in Germany as it is here, but if we were meeting in Barcelona, I would wear this out to dinner. 
3. How to pack!: If I could get by with this type of packing, I would. But with shopping and souvenirs,  not to mention shoes,there is no way I could pack just a carry on. At least I can dream!
4. Rain boots: When I moved to Green Bay, I thought for sure I would need nice warm boots, and a good winter coat. Little did I know that rain boots would be a great investment also! With all of the snow melting and rain, no shoes are safe. 
5.Berlin:This is the Berlin Cathedral! I can't wait to see Berlin in general. I could use a little Europe in my life again:)
6. Travel: I love this quote! I live to travel because you broaden your horizons and get to view life in a different perspective. Also, I am a closet history junkie. Europe to me is living history, and that is why I love to be there. I've wanted to visit Europe ever since I started reading, and being in the places where the people I've read about gives me a thrill. 

I hope that you are all surviving midterms, the end of winter, and looking forward to spring break as much as I am!

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