13 March 2013

Guess what I found?!?

Eek! I am so excited to show you this site I found while looking for formal dresses!
I know that others might have already found it, but here are some great pieces that I may or may not be purchasing. I'm thinking I will probably get my formal dress from here also.
The company's name is Lulu's and they have some reasonably priced clothing and accessories. It's like a higher quality Forever 21!
This just maybe my formal dress
This purple chevron blouse is perfect for spring! Not to mention it's my favorite color!
With the weather in Green Bay, this black and white polka dot trench coat would be a perfect way to look cute on rainy days.
Coral statement necklace is perfect for spring and summer while not breaking the bank!

Stay tuned for a packing post as well as what I will bring with me on the plane!

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