17 March 2013

First day in Germany!

Ah! Sorry I didn't blog much before I left, it was a little crazy!
MB and I had an interesting flight plan, but the airline we flew, KLM was great! If you get the chance to go abroad, I would definitely recommend them! They were great, and they made our flight go by quickly. But we did have to sprin to catch our connecting flight to Germany, we did make it! 
My luggage is currently not with  me though, which is a bit of a bummer, but it was the perfect excuse to buy some cute clothes, and MB and I spent the afternoon shopping and walking around Frankfurt with some of my German cousins. 
The apartment we are staying in is wonderful,the food we have been eating is delicious and the company we are in has really made the trip wonderful so far!
Today we are going to try and get some soccer tickets!

I can't wait to see my luggage tomorrow!
I will blog as much as possible!

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