31 March 2013

Sunday Six March 31st

Happy Easter! 
March flew by, and I can't believe it's April tomorrow already! Also, thank goodness for spring!
1. Car shopping: I feel a little too much like an adult right now. Lately I have been looking for my first car to buy, which will not look even close to the car above but I can dream! Hopefully, fingers crossed I will be getting one this weekend. 
2. Spring weather in Green Bay: There is finally decent, forty degree weather in Green Bay! My roommate and I could not be more excited, hopefully in the next couple of weeks we will be getting even fifty degree weather. I hope that spring is finally sprouting where ever you are!
3. Spring DressesThis is a cute, simple spring dress from Gap! If only I had money for some more spring dresses. This dress just makes me think spring! What about you?
4. How I look when I run: So I have started running lately, and to be honest I'm pretty sure every serious runner out there laughs at me. But hey, you have to start somewhere right? 
5, Myfitnesspal: With summer right around the corner, I realized that I need to start eating a lot better in order to make positive improvement in my fitness goals. I started using this app and I love it! It tells me how many calories I need to lose a certain amount of weight each week. You enter your food in, using the bar code scanner or you can search it. They even have popular restaurants' menus. I highly recommend it!
6. Cute running clothesEven though I look ridiculous running, have some cute running clothes might help just a bit! I don't have the cash flow for them right now, but if I did I would definitely get this jacket!

Have a relaxing Sunday night, and a great week!

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