03 March 2013

Sunday Six! March 3rd

Happy March! Let's hope that March only acts like a lion for a couple of days, and decides to act like a lamb for most of the month!
1.Catching Fire: I'm rereading the last two books for the Hunger Games! I finished Catching Fire, but I seriously love these books! I also love Jennifer Lawerence, mainly because she is a real girl. Not someone who acts like one, but her comments and oops are all real! 
2. Vera Bradley iPad Sleeve: So I may or may not have the iPad I have been saving up for. But it's a Vera Bradley sleeve and it was on sale! I mean over half off! It was just a good idea to buy it in my opinion! I can't wait to use it and tell you how I like it! Isn't it just adorable? I have an addiction to Vera Bradley!
3. T-minus too many days: Ah! I have 13 days until I am in Germany! I leave in 12! I can not wait to cross the pond and get away from it all for a couple days with MB and my "family" in Germany! 
4.Build Myself Up: I am going to try and weight lift more! I don't want to have huge muscles, I just don't think it would look good on my body frame! But I am actually heading out tonight to start!
5. Too Lazy to be..: I am proud of myself to be on week 3 of my 5K program. I usually only get to week 2, hopefully I will be running multiple 5k's this summer!
6.Twist Bands: I just ordered three of these to try them out! They are supposed to be a crease-free hair tie! Perfect for putting your hair up during an intense study session, or for a mid-day work out and you don't have to redo your hair! They are a bit expensive, but I got free shipping! Stay tuned for a review!

Have a great week! Remember:
"I'm going to succeed because I'm crazy enough to think I can" 


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