01 March 2013


Confidence. As young women we are told to be confident in ourselves. But there are always people telling us we should be like this, or act like that. Be good at this, and not at that.
I'm not going to lie, I've had confidence issues especially with my body image and even my personality sometimes. With my family, I am extremely outgoing but with new groups I can be a bit awkward and shy because I don't know how much "Ashley" I should let out. But as I slowly started to try new activities, such as debate, Model United Nations and choir I learned where my strengths were. My parents were great and as a child they had me try every sport open to me even ice skating. However I found that I was not the most athletic girl, and my parents still  supported me in everything I did. I have tried just about everything, and I found my niche. This made college easier for me then for others. But I have to tell you that there were a lot of speed bumps on my road to confidence.
Then one day while talking with a friend what I would trade about my personality to be "thin", I realized that there wasn't one part about me I would. Knowing that I am confident in myself not to change anything for the perfect body, made me realize that I can work hard enough to get a body that is strong and healthy. A body that I would be proud of.  I believed in myself enough to start training for a 5k even though I'm not athletic, and to join a sorority where I knew no one.
 I have luckily found confidence because I tried everything and I had a great support system.
I know my strengths and I know my weaknesses. By working on my weaknesses, I realize more of my strengths and become a better person.
I am a horrible procrastinator, I mean horrible. My goal in college was to have a better GPA then I did in high school, so I needed to start working on planning out my homework more. What did I do? I started to plan out each day what I was going to do. I promised myself that I wouldn't go to sleep until everything was done. For me, sleep is a reward. ( I know it's weird, but I can fall asleep literally anywhere, at anytime. I really love to sleep) It paid off, because I made the dean's list my first semester of college. I'm not saying this to brag, but more to show you that you can do something. Make a list of your goals, and then make a reward for yourself. If I make my GPA goal this semester, I might by myself this Longchamp tote that I've wanted for a year now!

I wish you good luck on your goals, and I hope that you gain confidence from setting realistic goals and reaching them!

If you want any tips, or more examples feel free to comment (I'm not even close to an expert, but I can tell you what I've done!)
Have a wonderful weekend!

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