27 February 2013

Pinterest Picks of the Week!

Whoa. It's already Wednesday! It is definitely my favorite day of the week, because I have the least classes, and I get to see all my sisters! 

1. Love Puzzle Pendant :This is such an adorable pendant! Love is definitely people who fit together, whether it be your best friend, you siblings, your sister, your parents, cousins and even a significant other. Maybe this is a cute surprise Easter gift? 
2. Power Cup:This would be so useful! I am thinking about getting a car, and this would make long trips very easy. I use my iPhone for a GPS and I talk on the phone during long trips in order to stay awake! 
3.Mid-Week Inspiration:What do you plan to do? The first three days of the week are hectic to say the least for me, so Wednesday's I need a little motivation. We are blessed with one life, and each and everyone of us can decide what we are going to do with it. I remind myself that everything is a step towards my goals. 
4.BillaBong Crossing Over Sandals:Wouldn't these be perfect for the summer? You could wear them to the beach, with a cute sundress or with some cute shorts! I have got some serious spring fever, and the good news is that March 1st is Friday! I can't wait for spring! Have you caught it yet?

I hope your hump day has gone well! Have a great rest of the week,

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