22 April 2013

A little nostalgia...

It's nearing the end of April already, and I am starting to remember what my senior year was like. This time last year I was so excited to start college, I was obsessively checking my university email account and counting down the days until graduation. At the same time however  I was also reminiscing on the first 18 years of my life, especially high school. There are a lot of times last year where I said "this is my last__". I am not going to lie, I cried sometimes. I have some tips or ideas for graduating seniors. (Mainly high school, but maybe college seniors could use it to!)
1. Take a minute and breathe: The end of my senior year was crazy! Prom, AP exams, regular exams, projects, Senior Skip Day (which I definitely did not do) and trying to focus on classes when all I wanted to do was sit outside with some Dunn Bros and my friends! Every now and then take a minute and just appreciate what you are doing and who you are with. Trust me, you will be thankful you took a look around.
2. Thank those who deserve it: I was really fortunate in high school to have teachers and coaches who I was able to go to for advice and who also pushed me to do my best. If you have anyone like that, thank them. You might think they already know, but hearing it from you in a verbally or even an old-fashioned thank you card can make someones day.
3.Spend time with old friends: Try and reconnect with old friends. As we grow older we grow apart from people that we connected with freshman year, or in that horrible class you were required to take sophomore year. Reconnecting with old friends keeps me grounded, and it can add some closure to moving on with your life.
4. Live in the moment: Stay up a little later on a school night to watch TV with your parents. Say yes to that 10PM junk food run with your friends. Turn up the volume on the radio when your favorite song comes on and sing out loud with your friends. You are going to remember the last couple moments before everything changed, so you might as well make them memorable.
Graduating was scary, relieving,fun, and memorable. It is this huge rush of emotion, and it's life.
Good luck on your new adventures, finish the year strong, and for those of us not closing a chapter in our lives, try to make the one your in just as memorable as the last!

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