06 May 2013

Finals and the end of my first year as an adult...

Can we all take a minute to slow down please? I have four days of school left, two finals, and days of packing to do. 
I just realized that since I'm a June baby, I am almost done with the end of my first year as an adult. That sentence in itself is scary, exciting and odd. I have never really thought as myself as adult yet, I don't think I'm a child either. 

Here are some of the things that help me get through finals!

1. Water: Most people are tired because they don't hydrate themselves enough! Especially with the weather warming up, you are more likely to get dehydrated. So take a water bottle around with you, or if you're like me and need to get rid of dining points buy water every chance you get. I recently bought a Brita water-bottle so I could drink our dorm water here!

2. Snacks: While I'm studying I like having something to graze with. Sometimes it will be strawberries or fruit, other times it is peanut M&M's or Bottlecaps. While I recommend the first, every once in awhile you need a sweet pick me up!

3. Working out: Take a little study break that doesn't involve Netflix or Hulu and I guarantee your all nighter or almost all nighter won't seem as bad! Working out actually energizes you. I like to take a twenty minute jog (yes I actually jog) and do a little strength training for a study break. It also helps to stay awake and focused during long study sessions.

4.Study Blue: This is like social media studying! It tracks your progress and gives you a study guide option as well as a test option. I really enjoy using this!

5. A little study break: If you aren't ready to go to the gym, take a study break with my Pinterest boards! I promise there are a lot of treasures to be found!

Good luck, remember start early!

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