15 April 2013

All about Zeta Omega Tau

I have had a lot of questions about Zeta Omega Tau, and how it differs from national sororities. Here is a little synopsis of our wonderful sisterhood!
Zeta Omega Tau wasfounded in 1988, and we have been the only successful sorority on campus sincewe were founded. We were founded to serve our campus and community byvolunteering and fundraising. We have won the most improved campus organizationmultiple years, and our wonderful adviser also won adviser of the year!  We currently have 36 active sisters. We areself-funded through fees and fund raising. While we don't have a house,  we have plenty of socials, and see each otherall the time throughout the day.

 As the only sorority on campus, our Rush weekswork a bit differently, with an event Monday through Wednesday, and interviewson Thursday.  Bid day is Friday, and wetry to get all the sisters and pledges together for a fun night.

Every fall we put ona personality contest called Mr. and Ms. Phoenix (our mascot), which raisesmoney for the Breast Cancer Research foundation and Paul's Food Pantry. It'svery popular and this year we had 11 contestants in all. Our winners representour school at various events throughout the school year. Also in the fall, wehave a formal where we get to dance the night away and enjoy each other and ourdates.

In the spring, we domultiple walks, such as Relay for Life, March of dimes and a walk for MS. Wefund raise with bake sales and pasta sales. Every April we have spring formal, which is a nice sit-down dinner withour sisters and our dates! We also have a sister-bonding day where we get awayfrom it all and grow closer as a sorority.
In many national sororities each sister gets a big and a little! In Zeta Omega Tau, each sister gets a mother, a daughter, a big and a little!  By the time you graduate you have your own little family inside of our sisterhood.

As a local sororitywe have made a positive name for ourselves in the community. I can't wait tospend the rest of my college career with these wonderful ladies, and I can'twait to see what we can do!

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