15 April 2013

Zeta Omega Tau Formal!

This past weekend was Zeta Omega Tau's Spring Formal!
My best friend KG was my date, and we had a blast. The sad part about spring formal is knowing it is one of the last events almost the entire sorority attends, so one of the last times we will be able to have this much fun with our seniors.
Here are a few of my favorite photos from this weekend!

SL, she is my favorite Noodles date and coffee addict!

SS, she has been super supportive of this blog! She's amazing!

KB and AB, my favorite twins and they also live near me so I am looking forward to Fro-yo dates this summer!

KG! She's amazing, and we had such a great time this weekend!

KW and JP, both of whom are amazing and supportive! We had such a great time taking photos!

Not to be vain, but I only posted photos I thought I looked pretty good in.
I love all my sisters and wish I had taken photos with all of them.

I hope your Monday is spring-like

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