11 April 2013

Purple and Pearls in Europe: Part 2

Finally! Part two right?
Here is a list of helpful items that I thankfully had in my carry on, which was a Vera Bradley Tote of course!
1. A little bag from American Eagle that contained my make-up, contact case and deodorant.
2. My iPad in it's Vera Bradley iPad Case
3. All of my charging cords
4. My Nikon Camera
5. My Longchamp purse
6.An Apt. 9 scarf from Kohls to help me keep warm.
MB said I looked like a grandma when I used it, but oh well I was cold!
7.Granola bars.
 The last Time I flew the food was really greasy, and I wasn't sure if I was up to that again. But thankfully the food was actually really good. (not pictured)
8. Travel journals
9. Gum.
My ears are pretty sensitive, and chewing gum makes it a lot easier to deal with it while taking off and landing.

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