08 April 2013

School tips: How to study

Yep. I have been MIA for almost a week now and I apologize! School is starting to really get busy, and I have been rushing around making life decisions. 
But I am still a student, and I still have to study.
Here are some of my tips for studying.

1. Use flashcards: For whatever reason, making myself summarize a concept or just writing down a term really helps retain it. Flashcards are the perfect way to do this. Sometimes I use actual note cards, but since I got my iPad I downloaded the Quizlet app and enjoy studying on there. Plus, if I forget my note cards I can access them anywhere I have internet. 
2. Study Guides: Even if your professor didn't give you a study guide, I go through and highlight the main points from each chapter, and then transfer them on to note cards. Or I just carry around my study guide in order to study when I have time. 
Here is an example from my Human Biology 102 class

(side note: I use OneNote from Microsoft word to take notes on. I love that it is as structured as word, but I can just click anywhere and start typing. It also has some really cool symbols.)

3.Start studying a few days early: I always start studying for a test at least two days ahead of time. That way I have at least looked over the information two days in a row. I learned in AP Psychology that you retain information if you study a little bit each night instead of cramming. I know it's not in true "college student" fashion, but it seems to work for me. 
4. Try to go to sleep a little bit earlier that night: Maybe I just really really like to sleep. But a night before a big midterm I usually try to sleep at least half an hour earlier. That way I don't have to worry about being too tired to read the words on the actual test I stayed up all night studying for. And no, I have not pulled the infamous all-nighter yet. But hey, I'm only a freshman. 
5. Eat breakfast!: Another preparation tip. If I eat breakfast, I can almost guarantee that I won't have the rumblies during the test to distract me, and those around me. 
6. Take deep breaths: Sometimes I psych myself out of getting a good grade on a test by worrying to much about it. Trust in your preparation, and trust in your gut. Take a couple deep breaths which are guaranteed to calm you almost instantly. 
Now you are all ready for finals, or midterms!

Have a great rest of the week, and stay dry! 

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