22 July 2013

Guest Post: Amanda Cross

Monday already? I am at a family reunion in Oregon this week so I asked some of my blogging friends from Her Campus to blog for me while I'm gone! 
These next two posts are going to be about college, choosing your college and than what to do for welcome week!

Amanda Cross from amandajpcross.com is going to give you some advice on welcome week! 
School is fast approaching for many college students right about now. My University is having move in day on August 18th, and as a sister in a sorority on campus it is a tradition that the Registered Student Organizations get together and help out on Move-In Day. Move-In day at our school is the start of a week-long time of class bonding, free things, and events meant to keep our minds off homesickness. Here are my five ways to enjoy Welcome Week!

1. Do all the super cheesy get-to-know-you activities. At my school during our Welcome Week we had an event called Playfair in our HPER center. I am not a hardcore exerciser, and the games used a lot of energy, but they also were so fun that it made the time fly by faster! I know that you don’t normally want to do these cheesy activities but they are a good way to make friends on campus. You may think your academics ground you to your campus, but that is a fallacy - it’s good relationships that ground you to your school of choice.

2. Go on a tour of campus: If your campus is extremely large or you are from out of state and haven’t really had a chance to view your campus as much as you’d like to, going on a tour during welcome week will help tremendously! It may seem like one of the lamer things to do during welcome week, but it’s also one of the more practical things to do because it allows you to see where your classes are. After welcome week is over classes begin, and that is where the true magic begins!

3. Get all the free stuff: Free stuff is everywhere during welcome week. From free food to koozies to pens to coupons to area stores and restaurants. Even if you don’t think it’s humanly possible to use all the things you get it will still be fun to go up to all the places offering free things and get to know them and their companies.

4. Start off on the right foot with your roommate: Welcome week is a great time to get to know your roommate! You don’t have to do everything with her, but go to a few welcome week activities together. Also make sure to establish a roommate contract with her this week - it’s not everyone’s favorite topic, but you will appreciate this later if someone leaves dishes in the sink for five days straight.

5. Get to know Registered Student Organizations: Welcome week is the perfect time to get to know all the organizations on your campus! From Greek life to clubs for your major to random student organizations you are just interested in. There will more than likely be a Registered Student Organization fair that you can attend to do this all in one swoop. Get to know the people at the tables of the event; it will help tremendously when you decide to go to a meeting and know a friendly face or two!

Welcome week is a week put on by your university to help you adjust to college life in a fun and exciting way. These events are meant to quell the initial homesickness that you may feel as a college student after you leave home for the first time. This can only happen if you get out and go to the events, so be proactive and have fun!
Like what you read? Check out Amanda’s blog at amandajpcross.com!

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did! 
 PS Stay tuned for more!

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