18 July 2013

Summer Vacation!

Whew! It's time for my summer vacation already. I wish I had time to post about what I'm packing, but to be honest I'm grabbing every casual piece of clothing I own and going!

I will be traveling to and from Oregon until next Sunday!
Yay for a 4:00 am departure time

I have never been to the West Coast before, but I am excited to see a part of the country I haven't before. I love to travel, and my wanderlust has gotten to best of me lately! 

6 days off from work will be nice, but being in a car for 30 hours doesn't seem that fun though!
Stay tuned for guest posts from some amazing bloggers!

We travel to roam free! 
Any readers from the West Coast? Tips on where to eat etc?

Where are you traveling to this summer? 

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