10 September 2013

A little help...

It's Tuesday already? This day has flown by!
I am here making a shameless plug for one of my closest friends SB! 

Do you love horses? Do you wish that you could have a horse? Do you enjoy horse humor? (Like me) 

Follow SB's board on Pinterest to help her win some items for her horse! She is a student at Colorado State University and was finally able to get Onyx out there with her!

Here are some photos of SB and her horse Onyx (Who I love btw, he's a big sweetie)

 Aren't they adorable? Here is their story from SB herself.
"Where do I start with this horse? I've known him since I started riding. The woman I was taking lessons from when I started bought him and started training him when he was 6. A few years later she was riding him and fell off and broke her arm, so she wasn't able to work with him. Then, she sold him to a girl in our 4-H club who said she was going to ride and train him, but he ended up sitting in a pasture for 3 years. He got fat and forgot pretty much everything he had learned in his training. This is where I come in. During the summer of 2010, the horse I was riding kept getting hurt and I was getting frustrated because I was paying to ride a horse that I couldn't ride. So, one day before a lesson I decided that I was going to ride Onyx, a horse that hadn't been touched in 3 years. And the rest is history. I started renting him from the girl that owned him and moved him to Wisconsin with me when I moved there from Illinois in December of 2010. I have done everything on that horse from trail riding, to showing western, to jumping, and now we are working on learning how to rope! I wouldn't be the person I am today without him and who knows where he would have ended up if I let him keep sitting in that pasture"

Please help her out, as a college student she has limited income like we do, and could really use the resources this contest would provide! Please follow her board!


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