16 September 2013

Pay it Forward

This weekend I drove down to Des Moines to visit MB before the school year got even more hectic (which it already is). I had a wonderful time with him, and we joked we weren't sure how "normal" couples at college saw each other!

On my way back to GB Sunday morning I stopped in Dubuque, Iowa to get gas. I, of course, was wearing my Packers t-shirt on game day, and walked in to use the bathroom before I pumped gas into my car. As I was leaving the bathroom the attendant at the counter asked if I was the owner of the Dodge Neon outside. I warily answered yes, wondering what happened to my precious car. The attendant then informed me that someone had given her $30 to pay for my gas and the kind gentleman stated "from a fellow Packer fan" as his reasoning for paying for his gas. I will always remember his act of kindness. 

This leads to what I am about to ask my readers (I consider all of you friends). Please take a moment in the next week to leave $5 at your favorite coffee shop for someone else to receive a free coffee, or at the ice cream parlor or even Noodles. Pay an act of kindness forward. I plan on buying someone else gas in the near future. 

As a reminder, we are all blessed. I am blessed beyond belief.
Have a wonderful week! Remember Pay it forward