23 October 2013

Dorm Room Pictures

Finally I have had the time (and clean room) to take photos of my room! I won't have any other parts of my apartment just because it is a more communal space.

Here is my side of the room!

Here is my bed! I got my bedding last year, the pink pillow is from my German family, and the quilt my grandma made! My favorite part is the pictures! 

My desk! I love my space, I get into my zone all the time!

My closet as organized as it gets! I have so many shoes, but most of them are flats kept in a shoe organizer on the right.
I have bags on the left, my dresses,black for my Zeta events, cardigans, blazers & jackets.

A close up of my desk. Yes you see m&m's on my desk. Mid-day pick me up!
I love having inspirational quotes on the bulletin board as well as pictures of KG, MB, JH & AD. Having the faces of loved ones nearby really helps!

A close up of my night stand/ dresser. I have my tv (used to watch Glee & Scandal), my acrylic tray from Personalized From Me to You, my iPad and my pin box. My dresser would not be complete without a photo of MB & KG.
 I bought the hooks you see there to hold my necklaces at Target. It was $6 and I use command stripes to hold it up. It was a great investment.

What do you use to organize your room?



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    1. Thank you! I don't ever feel like I'm done decorating though!