25 October 2013

Blues & Leaves

I am headed over the the Twin Cities for my twin cousins' confirmation! I can't wait to see my family!
I guess you could say I have the blues today! 

Chambray Shirt// V-Neck Sweater: J. Crew// Gap Jeans// Sperrys 

I love chambray! You can wear it in all four seasons, dress it up or down and with pretty much anything! It's also relatively warm, and since I'm pretty much always cold (just ask MB) I love layering with this shirt!

Have you invested in a good chambray shirt? 


  1. How cute!
    Look at you being all pretty in your chambray shirt!!!

  2. High five! I love this colour too.
    Pssst, you look so cute in these pictures :)

    1. I feel like so much of my fall/winter wardrobe is going to be navy!
      thank you!:)