31 October 2013

Live in the Moment

It's almost November, and I can't believe that I just planned my next semester of college.
Lately I've been really caught up in what is going to happen in nine months (which is when I'm leaving for Spain for almost six months). I have been doing all of my homework, and keeping up with my orgs but honestly my head is a continent away.

Most of you know that I'm in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend MB, which can be hard at times.  We are normally always looking forward to the next time we see each other, which makes the weeks go by really quickly (27 days, but who's counting). It also makes it hard to really concentrate on the here and now when I'm looking forward to seeing him.  Lately there seems to always be that question of "What's next for you two?".

I've realized I'm not enjoying being 19, a sophomore in college who is lucky to be with her best friend no matter the distance. I am surrounded by friends & sisters, as well as family who I love and have so much fun with!

Being 19 is this weird limbo. I'm not a teenager, but I don't usually feel like an adult. I am still walking this rope between being a teenager and finding my way as an adult. 

I want to start enjoying life, not just plan ahead for the life I want later. I've always looked for that next step. What to do next to get ahead, what's the next step in my relationship, and what's the next event? I have mentally planned out next Monday already. While I know this is one of the reasons I am able to be successful, it unfortunately means I have to consciously remind myself to have fun that doesn't involve public relations, my blog, or cleaning. (Yes I sound like a 19 year old work-a-holic)

Do you ever feel like you have to out "busy" someone? Sometimes I think I take on projects to seem busy. As weird as a it may seem, I have to stop doing this. Yes I'm busy, but I'm also efficient.

This past weekend I almost completely unplugged. I spent the time with my extended family and enjoyed myself. These next two weekends should be relatively relaxing and I've decided to try and turn off that part of my brain that enjoys work. 

I shouldn't have to wait nine months to live in the moment. It's time to split my brain, half for play and half for fun. I want spontaneous trips to Target or Taco Johns with my sisters or roommates, I want to be able to look back at my college career and say "boy was that fun".  I don't need to go party every weekend, because that's definitely not me but I do want to stay up until 2 talking or watching movies! 

How do you unwind and live in the moment? I may need some suggestions!
Do you try to out "busy" someone?


  1. I still feel that limbo- and I'm two years older than you! It's TOTALLY normal. We are twenty somethings! (well, almost to you! ha) :)

    1. Oh thank goodness! Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who feels like this!