31 October 2013

November Link-up! Thankful Thanksgiving!

Happy 1st of November! Where did October go?!?
I think that we all talk up what we're thankful for, but can we find 27 different things/people that we're thankful for? This month I'm hosting a daily link-up where we share a daily "Thankful Thought"

I personally have a list of 27 things/people that I'm thankful for, but if one day I am thankful for something I hadn't thought of, I will definitely be posting about that instead!

Day 1 of Thankful Thanksgiving! Comment with a link to your Thankful Thought! 
Today's Thankful Thought:
I am thankful for Friday mornings. This maybe weird, but I am thankful for Friday mornings because I normally don't have to wake up for anything.  I can sit in my pjs with a nice big cup of coffee, Netflix, Bloglovin and the Huffington Post without having to worry about what's next?. Fridays are relaxing.

While I normally clean/blog/ do homework I still don't have to rush it. Also, I normally take the time to actually cook! It's the little things right? 

Check out this post about Autumn Mornings

What are you thankful for today? If you're linking up, comment with your link to the first day of Thankful Thanksgiving post!



  1. Friday mornings are awesome because that means that at the end of the day, it's the weekend. I probably enjoy Saturday mornings more though. Because then I can stay in my PJs until I have to actually go be productive. So excited that we're both part of Her Campus now! Yay!

    1. Saturdays I work, otherwise I would love them more:)
      Welcome, Her campus is great!

  2. I came across my post for this, and noticed I never shared it (silly me!). Here it is: http://itsemmaelise.com/post/66651210960/thankful-thanksgiving-link-up

    ♥Emma, of It's Emma Elise