02 November 2013

Boy Behind the Blog

As many of you know, I am dating my best friend MB! I thought it would be fun to do a "Boy Behind the Blog" so my wonderful readers could get to know my guy better!

On our way to Chicago

{one} What is your favorite part about college?
"Getting to know and meet a lot of new like-minded people" 

{two}Describe yourself in 5 words
sarcastic, intelligent, trustworthy, stubborn, (A: Sometimes this is cute),funny

{three} Favorite Sports Teams?
"Packers, Badgers, Brewers (a little embarrassing)"

{four} What's your favorite blog post?
"I really enjoyed the Flat Ashley post, it's funny and it describes her family well. "

In Germany on the Rhine

{five} Best part about being a blogger's boyfriend? Worst?
"Worst: Trying to keep up with all the blog posts" (He doesn't use social media well)
"Best: See a different side of her, and able to come up with gift ideas" ;)  

{six} Favorite activity we've done together?
"Traveling to Germany together. Being able to spend time with you and explore a foreign country together is something I'll never forget."

{seven} Favorite TV show?
NCIS & Big Bang Theory

That's my guy! Any questions you'd like to ask him? Us?

Day 2 of Thankful Thanksgiving:
Today I am thankful for  my boyfriend and our wonderful relationship. We haven't quite been dating a year, but he truly is one of my best friends! He deals with my endless technology questions, and even remembers things that I don't about myself. Long distance is hard, but he definitely makes it easier and worth it.

Anyone special in your life? 
 Don't forget to comment with your link for day 2 of Thankful Thanksgiving! 

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