03 November 2013

Sunday Morning: Thankful Thanksgiving

Today I am thankful for Sunday mornings.
At home, it means waking up around 8:30-9:00 am to watch Sunday Morning and sit down with my family to a pancake breakfast. (My brother insists on pancakes) We then get ready for church and come back to homework, a light lunch and football. 

At school it means a big pot of coffee, Bloglovin and a good book. Sometimes I even make myself eggs and toast. I also try to read a passage from a devotional I received from my youth leader before I left for college.

Sunday mornings are relaxation. I am thankful for the quite moments that Sunday mornings allow me. They allow me to recharge and prepare myself for the busy week ahead. 

My favorite Sunday Morning song
 Maroon 5 is one of my favorite bands, I never not love their music.

Thankful Thanksgiving Daily link-up, day three!

What is your routine on a Sunday? Does your routine differ depending on your location?

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  1. Sundays are great... a time of rest, church and relaxation!