04 November 2013

Monday Thankful Thanksgiving

Happy Monday! Today I am thankful for the "Fantastic Four". No, not the movie. I'm talking about myself, KG, AD, and MB.

The four of us have traveled to three national speech tournaments together, seen each other way too many times at 6:30 in the morning, spent bus rides laughing in the back, and had the time of our lives together. These are my "people". I'm so lucky not to just have a "person" but rather three people I can go to with anything. 

KG, AD, and MB all went to the same K-8 private school. I, being the public school child I am, met AD and MB when I had them in classes freshman year. MB and I started awkwardly dating, and went to winter formal with a couple of my friends and a couple of his friends. I thought KG's name was Megan until we got together to try and win a bid to Nationals.  (Way to go MB). 
We traveled to Albany together Memorial Day weekend of 2009, and the rest is history.

 This is from our last trip to nationals together, Washington DC. Here we are at the HardRock cafe!
(no MB and I weren't dating yet)

 Madison when we went to visit KG. She's a year older than us, and she goes to UW- Madison. Senior year of high school, we missed her! Now she and AD go to UW- Madison.

This past January in Chicago in front of the Bean.

This past May. Both MB and I have our eyes closed, but other wise it's a great photo!
I have plenty of other photos, but none of us want that on the Internet. 

We all judged debate at the state touranment this past January and had a blast. Do you have people that when you're around them everything  is funny? Well we were probably the most obnoxious people in that room, but it is one of those weekends I'll remember for the rest of my life.

I know that these people will be there no matter what, and we'll pick up right where we left off

These are my people. Who are your people? Do you just have a "person"?
This is my fourth day of "Thankful Thanksgiving"!

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