09 October 2013

Red Lips & Party Dresses

Happy Hump Day! Who's ready for the weekend? I am! I get to see MB and some good friends, so I am ready for a relaxing weekend before the stress of midterms. 

A couple weeks ago I attended my (local) sorority's 25th anniversary celebration! It was beautiful, and we had a blast! 

I wore a black and white striped dress with black heels, pearl earrings and a red lipstick. I wanted to keep my look classy and simple! 

This is a particularly dorky picture of me, but I felt it gave a good look of my make-up. 
I don't normally wear lipstick, so I wanted to make sure I didn't overdo my make-up with my bright red lips! Thankfully I think it turned out well! 
I swiped some black eyeliner and mascara on, with my normal cover up and then some bronzer! I received a lot of compliments from my sisters, which I was really happy for! 

Basically, the moral of the story is simple is better, and it's fun to experiment every once in awhile! 
Have a great rest of the week! What do you like to experiment with?


  1. Love the red lipstick on you! Such a cute outfit- hope that you had a great time!

    xoxo Miss ALK