16 October 2013

Autumn Bucket List: Pumpkins & Sweaters!

I know I'm a horrible blogger, I only blog like once a week. But it has been midterms! Next week will be better, I promise!

As promised I have an update on my Autumn Bucket List!
MB was home for the weekend, so we got to carve pumpkins and visit a pumpkin patch! I also wore sweaters!
Here are just a few pics! MB is the best photographer, he gets exactly what I want and doesn't make me take too many;)

 Our wonderful pumpkin:)

My pants & sweater are from Gap.// Scarf from Spain (it's actually my mom's) // Sperrys

MB & I actually carved pumpkins at our friend BG's house Saturday, but visited the pumpkin patch Sunday!

How has your week been going?