13 November 2013

Thankful Thanksgiving Reality

Blogging is about learning more about yourself right? Well I've learned something the past 13 days of Thankful Thanksgiving.
I don't have the time & energy to post everyday.
There. I said it. I feel like I'm letting my readers and myself down by not posting everyday, but November has gone by so quickly (how is it the 13th already?). Pretty much everything that could happen has happened. Random tests, getting sick again and deciding to make an unplanned trip down to Des Moines. (Reason 243 that LDR is hard). 

Since life is getting in the way, and I don't even feel like the general public wants to know why I love my dog, I've decided to stop Thankful Thanksgiving. The pressure that I put on myself and the guilt I feel from letting myself down is a little much. 

I completely admire the people who are able to plan posts out, but I'm not quite there in my blogging career so to speak. 

How has your week been going? How's your hump day? I have 2 meetings, three classes, and one volunteer activity before I leave for Des Moines! 



  1. This is totally okay! That's why I don't do series or only do a few days... too much pressure!