19 November 2013

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday y'all! If you like stories, you're in for a good one. 

This weekend I headed down to Des Moines to visit MB for his fraternity's date night. We had a great time! We went ice skating, out to dinner and then went to a coffee shop after. I really enjoyed getting to know MB's fraternity brothers, even though we barely survived MB's driving.

The only nice picture I got. 

Sunday morning I left around 10 and was planning a couple hour break in Madison to visit with KG and AD. Well my car Lucy had other ideas. Thirty minutes out  of Des Moines, I had to pull over to the side of the road. Multiple phone calls to my daddy, Triple A, and MB a tow truck was on its way. One of MB's fraternity brothers picked me up and drove me back to their campus. 

My dad then came to pick me up and we drove back to Milwaukee. This morning my grandfather drove me back to school so that I wouldn't have to miss my 8 am class. 

Thankfully my car "Lucy" is just fine, and fixed!

The moral of this story is friendship and family. MB's friends, my friends and family made this experience very bearable. Also, I would have never been able to handle this with a pessimistic attitude. My optimistic attitude definitely helped!
i think this is beautiful

 How was your weekend?