20 November 2013

Career Advice

This week in one of my Communication classes we had a guest speaker who worked in LA for about 15 years. He had written and produced a movie, as well as worked with Disney. He said something that resonated with me.

As someone who will be searching for internships soon, this piece of advice stuck with me.

{Stick it out for 6 years}

His advice explained:
{First Year}: Figuring out your way as an adult, settling in and dealing with truly living on your own
{Second Year}:You start to feel comfortable on your own, make connections and start to try and make things happen.
{Third Year}:This year you might become discouraged, and feel like it's time to go home. Don't. Stay and continue to work like you did your second year.
{Fourth & Fifth Year} Continue to work, network and give all you have like you did the second and third years. Be persistant
{Sixth Year}: This is the year something is bound to happen! It may seem like luck, but it's actually your hard work paying off.

Sometimes I have a minor freak out that I'm never going to find a good job after college and I'm just floating. This piece of advice gives me hope though. 


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