22 November 2013

Thanksgiving Break Outfits

Happy Friday! I know that I dread packing, so here are some outfit inspirations for your trips home for Thanksgiving and the different occasions over break!

I'm used to driving long distances for holidays. This outfit is perfect for a drive or bus ride home!

Thanksgiving Day!

Dress// Necklace// Heels// Earrings
Here's a more formal option, I love cheetah, and this tassel necklace!

Jeans//Shirt// Sweater// Boots// Necklace// Earrings
A less formal option, I love the J.Crew Necklace!

Black Friday is starting a littler (lot) earlier this year. I love going to Target for Black Friday because.. well I love Target. Here's an outfit option for a comfy Black Friday shopping experience

Shirt// Vest// Jeans// Earrings//Purse

I don't know about you but holiday breaks means that a group of my friends from high school get together for half-apps at Applebee's. I also spend time with friends at our favorite coffee shop, and just hang out like we used to in high school!

Shirt// Vest //Jeans// Necklace// Earrings
Perfect casual wear for coffee and a late night at Applebee's. 

I try to pack a couple of standard pieces, then build from there!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving break!


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