06 November 2013

Wednesday & Sunshine Blogger Award

Today I am thankful for my blogging friends!
It took me awhile to really start to connect with other bloggers, and I wondered how to do it well. Thankfully I figured it out and I started talking with Rachel from Pretty in Pink! She's great and she nominated me for my first ever blogger award the Sunshine award!

Here's how it works:
Post 11 random facts about yourself
Answer the 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you
Nominate 11 bloggers
Write 11 questions for them to answer
Let them know they're nominated!
11 Random Facts About Me:
{1.} I recently started painting my nails, and I am obsessed.Essie and I are best friends. 
{2} I am a public relations nut. I follow multiple blogs and RSS feeds. I can't wait to start my career. 
{3} My best friend and I are currently in a race to get engaged. The prize is a  s'mores bar at the winner's wedding. (But neither of us are running that fast, don't worry moms.)
{4} I am in a local sorority, and we just celebrated 25 years! 
{5}  I dislike bananas. I love banana bread, but not muffins. 
{6} I want a baby elephant. But MB says I'm not allowed to. Fun sucker. 
{7}  I want to work for a PR agency in Chicago or Milwaukee!
{8} I am really into barbershop music, especially female barbershop!
{9}  If I could live anywhere in Europe it would either be Barcelona or Florence. These are my favorite cities. 
{10}  While my favorite color is purple, I am really loving navy right now. 
{11}  I am 95% positive was I born in the wrong climate, and probably should have applied to schools in the south!

 Questions that  Rachel from Pretty in Pink asked!
{1} What is one thing you LOVE about fall?
Only one thing? My campus because of the trees! 
{2}What is your favorite color?
Purple. No question. 
{3} What is your dream job?
Whoops, answered that. It would definitely be working for a school district when I'm older
{4} Tell us one of your favorite blogs you read every day.
I am currently loving Mason.. Like the Jar?
{5} What is your favorite smart phone app?
Twitter by far.
 {6} Favorite food?
My dad's mashed potatoes. Not usually anyone else
{7}  Do you have kids/do you want kids?
I do want kids! Not for like 8 years, but at least 2, maybe 3
{8}  Favorite Disney movie
Seriously I have to pick one? Probably Anastasia. I saw it with my Grandma V and I could watch it a thousand times over.
 {9} Tell us your morning routine
Wake up, check emails, shower, get dressed, blow-dry, make-up, straighten (my hair), jewelry, eat and pack my bag for the day all while drinking coffee.
{10} Favorite song of the moment
Wake Me Up- Avicii
{11} One thing on your Christmas wish list!
 Hunter Boots

I will announce my nominees and questions tomorrow!

It's been a crazy week full of insomnia, so excuse my short post!


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