29 December 2013

Christmas Time OOTD and Recap

Ah! How is it December 29th already? I went to a bunch of little Christmas parties, but I only have pictures from two! I also have some random OOTD pictures.

First was a roomie Christmas treat and our last Friday night living together! We went to the cutest little bistro, and it had this shop in the back! I loved it especially because it sold Vera Bradley. 

Had a great semester with these girls!

Roomies for three semesters! Sad to leave her!

Loved all the trees at this shop! 

 Shirt: H&M last season (similar here)
Boots: Two seasons, similar here
Strand of Pearls

 Love this table setting!

Close up of the tree!

Second was Christmas Eve Eve with my debate family and a couple of very welcome extras! We always have so much fun, even though I'm pretty sure we speak our own language! 

Everyone at our dinner party!

Obligatory debate family photo. We do the same pose every time we get together. In 20 years all six of them will thank me, even if they hate doing it now.

These three people are my rocks! I have some of my best memories with them!

Posting this again because I love it!

Friday was MB and I's one year anniversary. (Holy Cow). I can't believe what a year it's been. I'm really lucky. (Okay my gushing is over;))

How many Christmas parties did you go to? Any funny stories?


PS Check in New Year's Eve for a recap of my year!

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