09 December 2013

Finals Week Prep

Here we are again, the bi-annual torture fest that is finals week. 
I have a weird finals schedule here in GB, and I have three papers, three exams, and two presentations this week. Our official exam schedule is this week Thursday, Friday and next week Monday-Wednesday. (Weird right?)
I thought I would share with you some finals tips. 

{1} Make sure to have everything you have to do written out ahead of time, that way you don't forget anything that is due. 
{2} Get enough sleep. Seriously there is studies upon studies that say you will retain more information than if you stayed up all night study. Sleep those extra four hours, don't study!
{3} Eat real food. Take a study break and eat something healthy! You're less likely to get sick, and being full will allow you to concentrate better. 
{4}  Use your flashcards, and create study guides. Carry them with you for a quick brush up on the material. 
{5} Break up studying as much as you can. If not take a break every 45 minutes! Paint your nails in the newest Essie Nail Color or read a fun book. Even take a quick break with Gossip Girl. (My personal favorite)

Have a wonderful finals week, and may the curve be ever in your favor! 



  1. Great tips! This time of year when everyone is complaining about finals makes me happy I'm on the quarter system....though then I have a tri-annual week of torture.... :/


    1. I have friends on that system, it seems brutal!