11 December 2013

Finding the Best

Happy Finals Week! I know you might be looking for exam week advice, but I thought I'd reflect on something I'm learning. 

Right now in my life I am blessed with people who challenge me. Sometimes I don't always appreciate it, especially in the moment, but afterwards I am thankful because they're allowing me to grow. Some of them are people in my life who are just difficult, and others are loved ones who push  me. 

After a particularly difficult conversation, I realized that I tend to assume the worst in my loved ones. I assume that they are mad at me or that they just don't care anymore, while instead I should be assuming that they're busy or stressed. I think we tend to be harder on those around us because we are attached and expect more from them. You would think it would be easier to assume the best in them, but we tend to be more critical of those closest to us. 

My goal is to start working on assuming the best in everyone around me.  Even when I don't assume the best in myself. 

Good luck on exams, Christmas shopping, or whatever you're doing these days leading up to the holidays!


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