16 December 2013

Winter Break

I am officially on Winter Break! I am still at school to work and will be packing up parts of my room. I'm not sure if I posted this, but I will be an RA next semester on campus, so I have to move. (I dislike packing as awesome as this opportunity is.)

{1} Internship search: My plan is to apply to quite a few. You never know where an opportunity might strike!
{2} Resum├ęs and Cover Letters: After I find internships I want to apply for, I plan on writing a cover letter and resume for every internship I want to apply for.
{3} Read a couple books: Hours upon hours at my favorite coffee shop. I need a little bit of a mental break, so if you have any book suggestions let me know!
{4} Craft a litte?: I won't have a lot of money, but I will have time to try something
{5} Blog: My goal is going to be to blog three times a week, and to make a large queue for when my life will eventually be crazy.

What will you be doing with your winter break?



  1. You're lucky you're on break...only one more week for me! Ugh. You're to do list sounds a lot like mine...find internships and work on portfolio/resume/cover letters...tis' the season!


  2. The season of internships! Life of a Communication major at my university, we just have presentations not finals!
    Thanks for commenting!