02 December 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend Recap!

Thanksgiving I am learning is a crazy time for college students. I still am connected with quite a bit of friends from high school, and MB went to high school with me. Between friends and family, I was really busy but in the best way possible.  

Wednesday night MB, some of our friends and I went to see Catching Fire. It was fantastic! We had some time before the movie so I took some pictures. (I didn't take any MB & KW did)
 {me, KK, & KW}

{MB & I}
(I may or may not love this hat.)

Thursday we had a nice time at Thanksgiving with my mom's parents! My mom and I went Black Friday shopping, and I picked up some adorable Nine West boots.  (I don't get them until Christmas) 

Friday was coffee dates with debate friends and Christmas decorating which is my favorite! I tortured my family with my Christmas playlist.
It's my favorite time of the year.

Saturday I went to brunch with one of my good friends SB, which was so much fun.
Later that day my mom, aVj and I went to Hobby Lobby. It was 50% off anything Christmas related. I went a little crazy!
After Hobby Lobby we did a little baking, and I started my Christmas gifts!

{MB & I}

That night MB took me out to Noodles (my weakness), and we went to Enchantment in the Park. It's a park covered in Christmas lights, which is beautiful. MB and I have been volunteering at Enchantment in the Park since it began while we were in high school. We had such a fun time driving through it and walking around. (Even though it was cold) We then went back to my place and watched Love Actually. 

Later that night we headed out to half apps with our friends from high school!

Sunday was relaxing, and I drove back to Green Bay to decorate and unpack early. 

Hopefully I'm ready for this week!
How was your weekend?