20 January 2014

College Tool: Google Docs

Do you dread group projects because there isn't an easy way to collaborate with crazy schedules. Or do you dislike having to remember a flash drive? Thank goodness for Google Docs! All you need is a Gmail account and you have Google Drive and Google Docs. 
I use Google Docs to write papers, collaborate on club projects and post meeting minutes. 
You can make folders for group projects and share them with other group members. 

Here is an example of my new semester's folder. 
Not only are there Word-like documents available, but also Excel and Powerpoint-like documents. You can create forms, and even drawings. 

I use Google Docs especially for the fact that I'm able to access from any computer I'm at with Internet. This is a great tool for any student, and even any blogger!

Do you use Google Docs? Will you start after reading this post?



  1. Google Docs is like my favorite thing ever! lol

    1. Ah I love it! Perfect tool, especially because it's free!

  2. I didn't know what it was until my architecture studio class started using it. We can upload our projects on there for our teacher to check in between classes or to share research information. It has really come in handy :)